Music at Heart - Suzuki Recorder in York

You inspired me last night [at a Music at Heart studio Parents' Evening] to think more about treating others with respect and courtesy. I talked about it with my husband when I got home, and we agreed to try to bring more of both of them into family life. As a result, today has been much more harmonious than normal! Thank you!

Eleanor, Mum
Sophie (and Violetta)

Dear Heather,

I just wanted to share this photo with you.

As there was no music class yesterday (it was Half Term), I took Violetta to the Art and Music exhibition at the City Art gallery. She had the xylophone all to herself and played it in perfect rhythm for half an hour! People were stopping and commenting on the baby with such focus and enjoyment of making music. I actually had to drag her away when it was time to leave.

I'm so excited about her delight in music - and I'm sure it's because of her experiences in your class. We practise beating rhythms on the table with spoons every day whilst singing songs from the classes and she adores it.

Thank you for the pleasure that you have already given to her - and to me. It's a wonderful gift with which to begin and I hope that I can nurture it for as long as possible.

Sophie (and Violetta)

Dear Mrs Moger, you are the best recorder teacher in the world.

Sam, Aged 10

You have made a wonderful contribution to the life of our family; music has enriched our home.

Graham, Suzuki dad

You have really inspired me, and your support and encouragement have been endless.

James, Aged 16

Thank you for being such an inspirational teacher to all of our girls... itʼs been a particular delight to see Amelia (6) make such rounded progress with the Suzuki Method.

Sally, Suzuki mum

Thank you for being such a great recorder teacher...for all the time and effort you have invested in me over the years...most of all, thank you for teaching me a skill that I will use, and enjoy, for the rest of my life.

Jodie, Aged 18

Since joining Music at Heart all three of my children have developed hugely, not only in terms of their music, but as people too.

Julia, Suzuki mum

Scales, arpeggios, octaves too,
Treble and descant - itʼs all down to you.
Big ones and small ones, recorders of all kinds,
Thanks for teaching us - youʼre special in our minds.

Katherine, Aged 11

Thank you for all your hard work with the recorder players, and, in particular, the professionalism and expectations you instill into them.

Anthea Kenna, Headteacher

I was fortunate to witness at first hand the fruits of Heatherʼs teaching in a concert organised by her, involving a great number of pupils who performed solos, in small groups and en masse...the uniformly high standards achieved demonstrated clearly that Heather is no ordinary recorder teacher...her quite extraordinary ability to inspire and motivate pupils of so many different age-groups, backgrounds, technical levels and musical talents must be recognised.

Philip Pickett, Director, New London Consort

Hi Heather - I just want to thank you for all the wonderful work you have done with the Minstrels this year. Both Molly's dad and I have been so impressed with the professionalism and beautiful arrangements of the music and the pleasure that the students get from playing. Molly has really enjoyed her time especially the challenge of working with the smaller ensemble. She loved playing the Bach, and we have really appreciated the support and encouragement she has been given.

Sharon, Minster Minstrels parent