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Music at Heart and your unborn child

If you are reading this because you are expecting a baby or considering starting a family your timing is perfect - you have a window of opportunity to enhance the musical development of your child that is too good to miss! There is now overwhelming scientific evidence to prove Suzuki's strong conviction that exposing your unborn child to the right kind of music in the right way can have a significant effect on the way his/her brain will grow. In particular it will help to enhance your child's hearing, and give him/her a superior 'ear' for music.

Music at Heart offers parents' information evenings about pre-natal music stimulation:

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How will music benefit my unborn child?

In the womb, hearing is the first of the five senses to come alive. By the time your developing foetus is 24 weeks old, the ears are structurally complete: they can hear your heart-beat and pick up external noises like voices and music, and soon learn to recognise the mother's voice and distinguish between the speech of the native language and others. Immediately after birth, a baby shows preferences for sounds heard while it was still in the womb.

Suzuki Early Childhood Education lists the benefits of playing music to your unborn child: it stimulates your child's latent musical abilities; engages your baby's attention; enhances the sense of hearing; facilitates intellectual development; develops learning, language and memory skills; reduces stress levels during pregnancy; enables greater communication and bonding between mother and child in utero; improves your baby's sleep habits after birth; nurtures a calmer, happier baby - after birth music can take the place of a comforter. Music at Heart can help you give your unborn child the best musical start in life.

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