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Posted in Book Reviews category on 19th January 2012

The hidden power of character

In his new book, How Children Succeed, Paul Tough argues that it is ‘character,’ the qualities of curiosity, persistence, commitment, flexibility and optimism, which are far more important to children’s ultimate success or failure in life than the level of their IQ.

More than 80 years earlier, in his extensive teaching and writing on child education, Shinichi Suzuki was very clear in his belief that character had the power to transform lives. “In all fields of education, I think that the aim should be character first, ability second... character is not innate; like ability it is fostered from infancy through daily life, stimulation, environment, training, instruction, and so on.”

Unlike traditional music teachers, whose primary focus is on developing musical skills, Suzuki teachers give value-added service, seeking to develop through the music the kind of personal, life skills heralded by Tough as the hallmarks of character.

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