Music at Heart - Suzuki Recorder in York

Posted in Music at Heart category on 28th May 2012

Music at Heart recorder pupil plays with Piers Adams

Music at Heart recorder pupil plays with Piers Adams

Music at Heart recorder pupil Aidan attended this workshop with his grandma, Rosemary. Rosemary shares her memories of the day:

Aidan and I attended a Recorder Workshop in Beverley last summer led by Piers Adams.

There was a good number of players of all ages and abilities and Piers welcomed and accepted us all equally. He came well prepared with copious amounts of music, some for more advanced players but also some for beginners like us to tackle.

During the workshop sessions, Piers was inspirational, showing us effective ways of achieving difficult rhythms and really putting colour and shape into the finished pieces. Above all he showed us ways of using a recorder to create sounds that we hadn't even thought of - Aidan loved that!

After the workshop sessions, Piers led us all 'Pied Piper style' playing a simple tune, through the pedestrian streets of Beverley much to the delight of shoppers. We finished at a Church where we performed the pieces we had been working on in a short concert and where Piers gave us brief glimpses of his many skills in small obbligato sections.

Throughout the day, Piers provided us with wonderful lessons in making the music come alive. He inspired and encouraged us, and all with great skill, sympathy and good humour. A truly inspirational teacher!

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