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Posted in Music at Heart category on 7th January 2015

Recorder Pupils celebrate 1 Year's Daily Practice

In 2014, as a New Year's Resolution, recorder pupils in the Music at Heart Suzuki studio undertook a pledge to practise every day for 100 Days. They used the 100 Days Practice Journal, published by Suzuki teacher Susan Hunt, and received daily emails providing them, and their parents who acted as practice supporters, with motivation, tips and advice about how to practice efficiently, and games to keep the practice sessions fresh and fun.

The undertaking was so successful (improved recorder playing, the sense of achievement born of sustained commitment and hard work, the enjoyment of a shared family activity, to name but a few benefits), that pupils simply found it natural to want to continue with the good practice habit they had established. One year later, studio pupils are celebrating 1 year's daily practice!

To mark the occasion, the Music at Heart studio is delighted to welcome Susan Hunt as special guest to a celebration concert and party, to present the 1 year's practice medals and certificates. Also attending the event are pupils of newly-established local Suzuki cello teacher, Laura Wingrove, who will be signing their own practice pledges ready to start the 100 days' challenge on January 19th.