Music at Heart - Suzuki Recorder in York

Posted in Music at Heart category on 19th October 2013

Studio Visitors

As the only qualified Suzuki Early Childhood teacher on the UK mainland, I welcome the opportunity to spread the word about this vital and inspiring part of my work as a Suzuki teacher. Known as the Mother Tongue Method, the Suzuki approach nurtures children's musical development the same way that parents nurture their children's language development - which, of course, begins as soon as they are born. Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) is suitable for babies only weeks old, as young as their parents feel able to bring them, and there is even a programme designed for expectant mothers to follow pre-natally. The curriculum optimises the potential of every child to learn, and the earlier the start, the more impact the teaching has on the development of the brain.

As a Suzuki community, the Music at Heart families rejoice at the amazing musical abilities demonstrated by our little ones, but we are equally thrilled when we see the emergence of personal skills, such as being able to self-regulate, sit and focus on the activities for as long as 45 minutes, to learn to wait, take turns and share with others.

Sarah, a Suzuki piano teacher, is a member of the Bristol Suzuki group, and came to stay with two of her colleagues to find out more about SECE with a view to training herself. Sarah writes: "I know that we have seen a truly excellent model of how this work can be done, and you have convinced me that I cannot do otherwise than to do SECE."

If anyone is thinking of doing the training (the next course in in Switzerland, August 2014) and would like to know more, I'd be happy to talk, or host you for a visit.