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Posted in Music at Heart category on 28th April 2013

Suzuki Song Brought to Life

Suzuki Song Brought to Life

All the music that Suzuki recorder pupils learn to play is first introduced to them as songs. One of the all-time favourite pieces in Book 1 is Daddy Long Legs:

"Dancing up the country lane there came a daddy long legs. He fell over, hurt his knee, 'cos he used the wrong legs!"

I always have to teach this with the help of an illustration of the daddy long legs spider, to explain what the words are really about, otherwise they make no sense - most English families mistakenly assume the song is about the crane fly. Children always laugh when I show them that this kind of spider spins a very messy, untidy web, not like the beautiful bejewelled patterns we see adorning the hedgerows on a dewy morning!

Resuming lessons after the holidays, one of my recorder pupils, Kate, arrived bursting to tell me that in Australia she had encountered a real life daddy long legs spider on a visit to Toronga Zoo in Sydney, and had brought back a photo to show me (if you can make it out, the tank is even labelled on the left hand side of the picture)! She was thrilled and so was I.