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Posted in Recorder Headlines category on 25th February 2014

Recorder Player in BBC Young Musician Woodwind Final 2014

When the fifteen year old recorder player, Charlotte Barbour-Condini made it to the grand final of last year's BBC Young Musician of the Year competition, her performance helped to bring the instrument into the public arena in a very positive light, demonstrating that it is worthy of far more than 'Mary had a Little Lamb' or 'London's Burning.' Charlotte inspired school children across the land to take a new look at the recorder and its possibilities - like any instrument, with proper tuition and dedicated practice, it can be played with versatility and virtuosity.

This year, another young recorder player, Sophie Westbrooke, has been awarded a place in the 2014 Woodwind Final, and will be competing alongside two flautists and two saxophonists for a place in the overall final.

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