Music at Heart - Suzuki Recorder in York

Posted in Recorder Headlines category on 12th May 2012

Young Musician of the Year

Most people know what a good violinist, pianist or flautist should sound like because they have seen and heard them perform live at concerts or on the TV and radio, or on recordings. When it comes to the recorder, however, often their knowledge of the instrument is limited to bad experiences at school, leaving them with the impression that it is not possible for a recorder player to ever please or impress an audience. Historically, the instrument has usually been taught in large groups with cheap instruments by someone who is not a recorder specialist - perhaps a willing volunteer able to play a few basic tunes, or a woodwind player who has picked up the recorder along the way but is often self-taught.

Slowly but surely this situation is changing, and the recorder is enjoying a higher profile with the success of internationally-reknowned virtuoso professionals such as Piers Adams and York's own Pamela Thorby. Charlotte Barbour Condini, winner of the Woodwind final of the BBC Young Musician of the Year 2012, is the pupil of a recorder specialist who is herself the pupil of a recorder specialist, and so has been taught how to make the most of the instrument's potential. As a young virtuoso, she will provide inspiration to young recorder players throughout the land, and act as an ambassador so that in time it will no longer be necessary for anyone to utter the words, "I never knew the recorder could sound like that!"

Charlotte plays Music for a Bird (Hans-Martin Linde)

Charlotte plays Sonata Secunda (Castello)

Charlotte plays Concerto in C Minor (Vivaldi)