Music at Heart - Suzuki Recorder in York

Posted in Suzuki category on 27th January 2013

Help each other and don't give up

A Suzuki violin teacher from Germany shared this video, which illustrates the principles of the Suzuki philosophy in a very accessible - and memorable - way. To all Music at Heart parents struggling with a home practice session, try saying, "Think of the puppy!"

We see: the adults demonstate a strong belief that the task in hand can and will be achieved in the end (every child can learn, parental involvement is essential); a very young learner (ability develops early); an environment of love and respect, with gentleness and a warm touch (environment nurtures growth); teaching by example, using a very good model (children learn by imitation); small steps, with one step leading to the next, (success breeds success); continual reassurance along the way (encouragement is essential); the value of repetition (skill is knowledge plus 10,000 repetitions), perseverance from the learner (never hurry, never rest); praise and the celebration of achievement (enjoy the moment).