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Posted in Suzuki category on 17th January 2013

The advantage of music lessons at a young age

A paper published this week in the Journal of Neuroscience (16-01-13) describes research carried out on music students and concludes that musical training during a sensitive period of development of the brain - i.e. in the early years of life - may have greater effects than training later in life.

In a report on the findings, Hannah Devlin describes how the brains of those who began learning a musical instrument at a younger age were shown to have stronger connections in the corpus callosum, which links the right and left hemispheres of the brain, something that has previously been associated with fine motor co-ordination and synchronisation of both hands. Shinichi Suzuki would have been thrilled to know that science now supports his maxim that the younger children are when they begin their musical education, the better, and that the early years provide teachers and parents with a window of opportunity which, if missed, cannot be compensated for later.