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Talent is no accident of birth... the right environment can change a person with undeveloped ability into a talented one

The Music at Heart Recorder Programme

The Music at Heart Recorder Programme

The Music at Heart Recorder Programme is not just another method using the recorder as a way in to music in general: it presents the recorder as an instrument in its own right, with a distinctive and beautiful tone, the potential to be played to a very high standard, and great versatility for both solo and ensemble performance. Many recorder teachers are self-taught or teach the instrument as an ‘add-on’ to their main portfolio. As a highly-qualified and experienced recorder specialist, I play the recorder with a true understanding of how to get the best out of it and to make it sing. Good technique is established from the beginning as a foundation for future virtuosity.

Your child will learn the recorder by ear and with music, take part in regular concerts, workshops and masterclasses both locally and nationally, and have the option to take grade exams. S/he will also receive ongoing guidance for efficient practice at home and have the opportunity to attend professional concerts and other arts events for a more rounded musical education.

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More than just music lessons

More than just music lessons

All Music at Heart teaching embodies the principles of the world-renowned Suzuki Method. Suzuki said, "It is in our power to educate all the children of the world to become a little better as people, a little happier".

Suzuki Method education is different from other forms of music education. At its heart is the simple message that all children can learn (not just those believed to be born with talent) and that every child has limitless potential: “There’s no finish line, you know!” It is an invaluable, life-enhancing philosophy with benefits for the whole family.

As a qualified Suzuki recorder teacher, my aims in the Music at Heart recorder lessons are much broader than teaching the instrument alone. I see every child as a unique and wonderful human being, and it is my wish that each should be happy and fulfilled in all walks of life. I seek to equip children with self-belief and the ability to work actively and co-operatively with others, and try to help families grow together. After a Music at Heart studio Parents' Evening, Eleanor, a Suzuki mum wrote,

"You inspired me last night to think more about treating others with respect and courtesy. I talked about it with my husband when I got home, and we agreed to try to bring more of both of them into family life. As a result, today has been much more harmonious than normal! Thank you!"

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