Music at Heart - Suzuki Recorder in York

Knowledge does not create ability; knowledge plus 10,000 repetitions creates ability

What about practice?

Whether your child joins Music at Heart in a Pre-Instrument group or as an individual pupil, daily practice is required to maintain motivation and maximise progress. When asked by one of his pupils, "Do I need to practise every day?" Suzuki replied, "No - only on the days you eat!"

Each week your child will be given one small, success-orientated task to work on at home - nothing will cause frustration or curb enthusiasm more than asking a child to concentrate on too many things at once. A pupil is never asked to do anything which hasn't first been carefully prepared by the teacher in the lesson. Your child will be praised for what s/he can do, and never put down for what s/he cannot.

Suzuki pupils also continue to practise the pieces they have already learned, improving them and adding new layers of expression - a process known as Review. As a result, they have a vast repertoire of music at their finger-tips which they can bring out and play any time, anywhere, giving them confidence as musicians and raising their self-esteem.

Suzuki parents attend the lessons, and are given full support to work at home with their children in the daily practice routine. The 'seven-plus one' rule helps pupils to develop independence in their practice: up to the age of seven, all practice is done with a parent; eight-year-olds practice alone one day a week, nine-year-olds two days, etc. Teenagers emerge self-sufficient having learned many helpful and effective practice techniques along the way.

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What I love about playing the recorder is...

What I love about playing the recorder is...
  • My mum used to do it when she was little [Molly, 5]
  • When you first start, it’s so exciting [Majik, 4]
  • I liked it when we were blowing bubbles [Lauren, 3 - pre-instrument]
  • My sister plays the recorder, and it got me into the habit [Bethany, 6]
  • I like it because my older brother plays the recorder, and I really wanted to be like him [Daniel, 11]
  • Music’s lovely [Amelia, 3]
  • It’s groovy and fun [Tom, 5]
  • I like it when the song gets into my head [Charlie, 6]
  • I get the tune inside me and it makes me want to play it on my recorder [Jessica, 7]
  • I like walking around the house and playing the songs I know - because I can’t help myself or stop doing it [Sarah, 14]
  • When I hear music on the radio it inspires me [Lotti, 7]
  • When you want to learn a new song it’s like a challenge [Robert, 6]
  • It’s good to start the recorder, because then you can play in a band [Joanna, 5]
  • Music is inspiring to other people [Edward, 17]
  • Music is my friend [Isobel, 4]