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Recorder Lessons

One-to-one recorder lessons (weekly, 30 minutes) are suitable for children from 4 years old. It is never too late to learn the recorder the Suzuki way, and adults find the lessons highly rewarding too.

The weekly individual lesson is for inspiration, and enables your child to learn at his / her own pace. This is complemented by a fortnightly group lesson, providing all pupils with the opportunity to share music with each other.

What we do

What we do

From the outset your child will be helped to play the recorder with sensitivity, to get the best out of the instrument, focussing on the quality of the sound s/he is making. A CD of the recorder music to be learned (with performances by professional musicians on authentic instruments), provides a good model to which s/he can aspire. Taking the place of the traditional beginner tutor book, your child will be expected to get to know this music thoroughly by daily listening, supporting the fundamental learning principle of ear before eye. Evidence shows that a child's progress on the recorder is directly related to the amount of listening s/he does.

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Every lesson includes activities to develop your child's general musicianship, aural and note-reading skills, using the internationally-acclaimed Music Mind Games materials. The ability to read music comes into its own when children opt to take grade exams, or begin to play as part of a music group, band or orchestra at school.

As your child grows, s/he will learn to play the bigger instruments of the recorder family (treble, tenor and bass) providing a much broader experience of music-making than is available to musicians who learn a melody or a bass instrument only.