Music at Heart - Suzuki Recorder in York

Let us begin to educate children from the very day they are born

The Mother Tongue Method

We all know how easily children learn to speak their own language. Suzuki saw in this the key to education and personal development. He cultivated a way of teaching music, the Mother Tongue Method, using the same principles:

  • every child learns to talk (not only those believed to have been born with talent)
  • learning is continuous, and at a pace determined by the child
  • an early start (we all know how difficult it is to learn a new language as an adult)
  • a stimulating environment
  • imitation
  • progress in very small steps
  • repetition - fundmental to all learning
  • the active involvement of parents
  • praise - encouragement at all times
  • creativity, play, spontaneity and fun
  • social interaction

The language of music is a means of self-expression and a profound channel of communication. Suzuki children share their language of music with family, friends and community from the very beginning and learn to live with love and respect for others. All Music at Heart teaching embodies the principles of Suzuki's Mother Tongue Method, a life-enhancing approach to music education with benefits for your whole family.

Language education is not delayed until school age, or until a child shows interest. Why wait when it comes to music? Don't waste those vital early years - introduce your child to music NOW!