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Good people make good nations

A world-wide organisation

Suzuki's vision was for the nations of the world to be united in peace through the common language of music. When we share music, it stirs in us a response that helps to bond us, both to each other and to all humanity, spirit to spirit. Suzuki believed that as we feel music, it develops in us the skill of sensitivity: "The heart that feels music will feel people."

Families choosing the Suzuki Method belong to a community that is much larger than their local Suzuki studio. When the Method spread throughout the world, Suzuki established the International Suzuki Association and asked that all countries establish national associations where teachers and parents would become members in order to further the future development of his teaching and provide concerts and events that support the children. The national associations are grouped according to geography:

The British Suzuki Institute

The British Suzuki Institute (BSI) trains teachers, disseminates information and maintains the integrity of the Suzuki Method in the UK. The Suzuki philosophy is based on everyone working together to create and environment where children learn from one another in group activities such as the National Workshop, Graduation, concerts and masterclasses. The BSI provides activities for its members and supports its highly-skilled teachers with continued professional development.

As BSI members, families receive a generous discount on all books, music and CDs purchased from the online shop plus three issues per year of the BSI journal Ability which keeps them up to date with the Suzuki world in the UK. The extra-ordinary and unique Suzuki events provided for BSI members give children the essential foundation and motivation that ensure their successful musical and personal development.